Challenges, Rumblings and Evolution of the Wealth Management Industry

We talk to veterans, new comers, innovators and everyone in between about the evolution, future and struggles of the wealth industry.


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The next generation’s expectations of Asset Management is nothing like we have seen so far. Priya has been focused on turning the Asset Management business model upside down, adapting it to her target niche: HENRYs – High Earners, Not Rich Yet.

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Learn from one of the most renowned asset management firms with a large network of financial advisors around Latin America, how they attracted the right advisors, at the right time, to exponentially grow their AUM.
In this episode, we discuss everything from how to implement technology to how Bolton took advantage of a shift in the marketplace to gain market share.

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Richard Kang discusses the realities of wealth management, hedge funds, and their future.

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A pure mathematician’s approach to risk management in the asset management industry.
“Risk Management doesn’t work very well within the asset management industry. Even the concept of managing risk is very elusive.”

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Cómo se llega al éxito en servicios financieros, quiénes serán los ganadores post crisis, y cómo detectar tendencias de innovación, aunque el mundo te diga lo contrario.

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If you talk to new generations, they ask the question of why you charge 1% for the first time. Their parents didn’t question it. How will advisors adapt?

Alejandra Slatapolsky host of The Biz Of Wealth

Alejandra Slatapolsky

For more than 18 years, Alejandra has designed successful marketing and communications strategies drawn from her background in financial technology, marketing, online strategies, journalism, public relations and event planning. Her career spans diverse industries, including financial services, technology, education, publishing and event planning in the U.S. and Latin America.

Slata has supported dozens of financial services firms with strategies that combine traditional and digital marketing, product development, journalism, public relations and event planning to land more and better clients, increase brand awareness and improve profitability.