From Corporate America to Entrepreneur: What many don’t talk about – Habib Moudachirou

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Although many large corporations talk about an “entrepreneurial spirit” the reality of starting an asset management business is very different. Habib did just that.

Through his many years in corporate America, he defined what would be his the do’s and don’t in his own firm earlier this year, went ahead and did just that.

Not only that, he brought into this firm a unique view from his background in science, that has given him an edge in his quantitative portfolio management.

Learn what he has brought into the portfolio management world that not many include in their finance mix.

About Habib

Member of the Founding Team and CIO of V-Square Quantitative Management LLC, a subsidiary of Valor Equity Partners. An accomplished and dedicated senior executive combining a science academic background with an extensive investment management experience gained throughout a career at major global financial services companies in Europe and the U.S.

A twenty-year quantitative investment management veteran who garnered major recognition as an expert in portfolio management across the market spectrum and accrued a wealth of knowledge of the capital markets, their regulatory and operational frameworks. Successfully led numerous strategic initiatives resulting in investment solutions and products for investors across the globe. Many of those focused on environmental, social and good governance matters.

Adjunct Professor at New York University NYU-SPS until 2018 as I ardently believe in the value of building and maintaining a two-way bridge between academia and the industry. 

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