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The ETF world and the ESG world were not intertwined until Linda came along.

Now, the ESG ETF segment is the fastest growing segment in all of the ETF industry, but there is still much to do.

According to Linda if you ask investors “are you interested in ESG investing?” it will take you nowhere. But converting ideals and philosophy into actual portfolio allocations is a whole different challenge.

However, the pandemic has actually accelerated the process of convincing investors and has been a “year of awareness,” bringing ESG principles front and center of the conversation.

Take a look at this conversation and you will learn where the business of ESG investing through ETFs is going.

About Linda

Linda H Zhang, Ph.D, is the CEO and the founder of Purview Investments, a New York based registered independent investment firm offering actively managed ETF solutions, specializing in global investing and ESG investing.  The firm also conducts in-depth Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) research, advises and collaborates with ETF issuers and index providers.  Dr. Zhang has built an extensive career in asset management industry, and was most recently the Head of Investment Research and Senior Portfolio Manager at Windhaven Investment.  She joined the ETF ecosystem from an institutional asset manager MFS, as a fund manager for Global Multi-Asset with global macro long-short overlays and Commodities strategies.  At Blackrock, Dr. Zhang served as a lead PM for a global multi-asset mutual fund and institutional mandates, and a key member on the Asset Allocation Committee.  She was the head of Quant Strategy Group and a PM at State Street Research. She started her career as a quantitative analyst at Baring Asset Management, developing country, sector, factor, stock selection models,  fixed income research and risk modeling.

Dr. Zhang is a co-founder and a board member of Women in ETFs.  She is a recipient of the Top Women in Asset Management Awards 2015 by Money Management Executive. She has published in, Journal of Investing, CFA Digest, Journal of Alternative Investments, and is a contributor to industry conferences and business media such as Bloomberg News, Financial Times.  Dr. Zhang holds B.A. in Business from University of Regina, Canada, a M.S. in Applied Economics and a Ph.D in Finance from University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  She lives with her family in Manhattan.

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