The forgotten one in technology projects

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Jaime is a veteran of the identity verification and AML technology industry that is for once, paying the same attention to the client as he does to the back office.

"You can apply technology, machine learning, robotics, and everything you need to give you more information to the analyst or customer service to have everything ready to make a decision, but it has to be in an integrated way," he says. Also, give priority to the customer experience in which the flow is not a positive, approval one, but the one in which the process is a rejection, or it generates an alert.

When you think of automating your process, most of the times you think everything will be ok, and a it will be pass in the process. However, when something is not right, what happens with the back office process to solve that exception?

You need a human intervention to solve those alerts as fast as possible. And that is when the design of the back office experience becomes as important as the one for the client.

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