Banking happens exactly where the client is – German Pugliese

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A talk with German Pugliese,CMO and Co-Founder of Technisys.

German has been helping banks innovate in their digital service offering since before they even understood the need for clients to have access to their accounts online.

In this talk, we take a look at how the future of financial services will be an integration of digital services into a collaborative ecosystem in which the new players need to be brought into bank tech stacks in an efficient and fast manner, guided by evolving and changing customer needs.

“Customer needs are dynamically going to change and new players will bring new solutions to these customers, and we will need to be able to bring in those players faster”, he says.

An integration time frame of 6 months to 1 year to integrate new technologies is just not acceptable anymore, and will leave many players behind.

We explore how the key success factor will continue to be integrating financial services to everyday life, whether that is at the point of sale or during a credit card transaction online.

Bringing intelligence to that process is what will differentiate the winners.

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